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> Students Registrations Instructions & Signup Instructions
  1. Use your institute registration Number to sign up.
  2. Make sure you provide valid and reachable phone number. You are adviced to provide alternative phone number after sign in.
  3. For already registered Students (Click here the Link that says "Already have an account? Login") and use that registration number or username to sign in.
  4. You are adviced to use Strong Passwords. Password must contain atleast one Uppercase letter,atleast one lowercase letter,atleast one Numeric Digit and atleast one Special Symbol like ($,%,*,-,+,=,! ..).
    e.g joHn**2014 is a strong password commbination and is accepted by system.
    e.g henry--KHZ19 is also a strong password combination.
    e.g nashon is a weak password. the system will deny sign up with this password

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